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Sisters’ Initiatives


Responsible for Sister’s Initiatives and Communications Office;  and all IT related issues of AOSK-JPC Office.


The Sisters Initiatives Department recognizes the strategic role that consecrated women in the country can play through their various apostolates and interaction with the society to further the course of justice and peace.  They are close to the people and they are relied upon as messengers of justice and peace.  They are symbols of love and care. The department will promote living of the gospel values of justice to the society and peace to all people.  It will sensitize the community of consecrated women in Kenya to run into the world and create intercommunity networks and initiatives that can help to reshape and redefine the response to social justice. The department will ensure presence of sisters in the promotion of justice and peace in the society.

It is a support for human rights, gender and development and the environment departments.

All the departments  issues are addressed through sponsored project/programs – the good governmence, rights and responsibilities programs.   It is envisaged that each department carrying its own mandate will contribute to the overall goal of a just and peaceful society in reflection of the social teachings of the church.


  1. Preparing sisters to be active in justice and peace efforts
  2. Appoint sisters to be advisors for various AOSK-JPC initiatives in the AOSK Units
  3. Infusing justice and peace in mission and apostolate areas
  4. Participating in national celebrations for environment, women, human rights, persons with disabilities
  5. Resource mobilization for justice and peace programs


To achieve the above goals and objectives the department will embark on general strategies courses of action as including:

  1. Avail Sisters to support AU level initiatives/activities by other department
  2. Inter-congregations sharing and dialogue on justice and peace
  3. Talent-spotting sisters for justice and peace activities and engagements


The department will focus on the following projects:

  1. Designing and running a certificate course in justice and peace

2. Interfaith peace dialogue

3. Peace retreats/march/pilgrimages

Therefore, as this structure sets parts and places interdependent roles in distinct department and each one  has a responsibility to perform and contribute to kingdom of God.