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Leadership and Integrity Program

This program reaffirms the strength of AOSK Units leadership structure thus increasing the sister’s capacity to stand for leadership and integrity in accordance to the vision and message of Jesus,  to the social teaching of the Catholic church, and promote the same in the sisters’ ministries as a challenge for both the government and the church

Aosk/Jpc was born out of realization that as sisters we could no longer remain ignorant about socio-economic problems and active when human right are violated. Its preferential options is for the poor. It values collaboration and sharing, participation and communication, and acting. In fulfilling its mission, the project performs the following functions:

*Promote leadership and Integrity practices and strategies – with application to the present needs of Kenya people; by integrating the CST and the chapter six of the Kenyan constitution into day to day activities and interaction with people.

*Provide resources and opportunities for implementing on conflict management and Peace building which favor peaceful coexistence among people

* Promote dialogue and solidarity- among religious congregation faciliting mutual sharing and assistance among them serving as a channel for the voice of the poor and oppressed.

*Encourage networking- among religious communities and institutes changing of altitude  and acceptance of diver’s differences hence reduced cases of conflict