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Gender Programs


Gender Equity programme ‘Leadership for Peace Training’ targets both religious sisters and lay women. In1997 when Kenya was preparing for General Election. During this period AOSK-JPC organized a workshop on civic education to encourage sisters to register as poll watchers and count certifiers. AOSK-JPC believed that by training sisters and lay women to be agents of peace at the grassroots would reduce tension and clashes experienced in Kenya after every general election. It was decided that each sisters should invite two lay women and come along with them for the workshop. After the workshop the women expressed their appreciation for the insights they gained and requested AOSK-JPC to continue to organizing other workshops in future. This becomes the simple beginning of ‘wanawakewaAmani’(WWA) Women Peacemakers.  The first group graduated in 1998 having completed 12 workshops at the rate of one workshop after six weeks. The focus was to give women recognition and scope for their skills to work in partnership with men in order to build a peaceful Kenya for the good of all.Women Peace Makers were recruited through CJPC among Church leaders from the 25 Dioceses of Kenya. These women were in a in a strategic position to reach out to other women and community at large. AOSK-JPC trained 8 groups with the total number of 332; the last group was trained in 2012.

The Women Peacemakers spirituality is grounded on the Christian teaching found in the bible that reverences both men and women and informed by the Catholic Social Teachings.

The programme seeks to encourage women to be peacemakers in their families and social environment by developing inner attitudes to life through daily prayer and reflection. The women have a responsibility to advocate and intervene in situation of injustice and violence through dialogue, conflict resolution and peace building. The training considers the contentious and contemporary needs of the time. Some of the topics covered during the training include; Women in leadership, women rights and gender balance, women in the Bible, women in development, Catholic Social Teaching, active –non-violence/peace building ,basic accounting and accountability, principles and practices of peace makers, and rituals in our lives etc.


AOSK-JPC through the support of our partners we have been able to organize several training for WWAs at national level. These trainings include GBV, Gender and Development, Child Protection Act, Women Empowerment, Affirmative action, Conflict management and transformation, Peace building, Devolution and field visits. Through Women Peace Makers the AOSK-JPC has established associates groups in the following Diocese Kisumu, Embu, Kisii, Homabay, Maralal, Mombasa, Nairobi, Machakos, Kitui, Eldoret and Kericho. The groups are involved in different sensitization activities at the grass roots addressing the diverse socio-economic needs facing the community. AOSK-JPC facilitates annual campaigns on International Women’s Day to provide women and the community opportunity to celebrate the dignity of a woman and highlight on the challenges facing women in Kenyan context. The day also provides the opportunity to celebrate our diversity and appreciate our unity.