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Environment Program

Environment project details.

AOSK –JPC Environment Programme aims at addressing all Environment issues, nationally and globally, in order to be agents and stewards of God’s creation, and to bring about the “kingdom” of God in our world, following the call of the Association Mission “to promote a safe and healthy environment where natural resources are respected, conserved and shared by all.

In order to realize this goal and fulfil our Mission, we carry out various and specific activities throughout the year that help us explain/share /interpreted and bring this to our people at the grass roots.

We plant trees and discourage cutting of tree, we facilitate sessions, demonstrate, promote and motivate our target groups and the local communities on Environmental friendly habits and practices such as proper use/utilization of natural resources, by teaching and propagating the 3R ideology i.e. Reduce, Re-use, and recycle.

The World Environment Day, June 5th, Annual campaigns, which is marked in various ways by the AOSK –JPC, such as;

– Talks, debates, essay writing/poetry/Art competitions among schools, institutions and youth in formation houses

– Tree planting

– Garbage collection

– Cleaning of streets in the slums

This is normally organized  facilitated the  AOSK – JPC Office, who also actively participate in the activities, together with our target groups in different parts of the country i.e. the  Sisters, Women Peace Makers, known as  (Wanawake Wa Amani) WWA,the Environment Club Students and teachers and other likeminded organizations who also form our larger network in addressing these issues.

We also hold National forums for local Women and farmers to sensitize them and create awareness on the sustainable farming practices especially in ASAL areas, We mobilize these target groups and local communities on Environmental friendly habits, and nature conservation e.g. indigenous ‘Peace Tree’ Planting to promote environmentally sustainable use of natural resources.

Though we have encountered many challenges in the implementation of our programme, e.g. insufficient funds, lack of co-operation and risks involved in travelling and addressing some of the sensitive issues that challenge the rich directly against the poor marginalized particularly on noise pollution, improper sewage and drainage systems, garbage collection and disposal, dumping sites etc…. We have at the same time experienced remarkable responses and impact, in some communities and institutions, where people have owned these Environment friendly habits. Our joy and encouragement is that they continue these practices even without the Association. We have for example places that were deserts and have now been changed into forests, women who have adopted baskets for shopping and parted with papers, and they are preaching this gospel with us…….

We have plans to continue empowering more people and communities by sharing these stories of change and addressing these and more issues strongly and in more areas in our country.  We hope that we can in the near future make our Environment different and better.

Environment Objectives

1. To improve waste management in the target areas

2. Influence the community and lobby with county Government environment office to provide with information and resources to address environment issues

3. To improve/better living conditions in both rural and urban areas

4. Promote proper utilization of natural resources in both rural and urban areas