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The Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya- Justice and Peace Commission, (AOSK-JPC) was founded on April 29, 1991 to address issues of injustice, especially those related to women and the growing marginalization of the poor in the Kenyan Society. It was born out of the realization that, as Consecrated women-Sisters, we could no longer remain ignorant and inactive in relation to socio-economic, political and cultural problems when human rights are violated. AOSK-JPC acknowledges the reality of destitution suffered by many people as well as a lack of a climate of peace in Kenya, and believes that these are mainly due to unjust practices, systems and structures, lack of awareness/ ignorance, apathy and even self- centeredness.

AOSK-JPC proposes to address this situation through civic and human rights education and leadership training, especially for Religious and Lay-women, in order to empower them to voice out their issues at policy making levels. We also propose to address the growing issue of poverty by taking the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) as an entry point and to undertake activities that curb pollution, mismanagement of our basic natural resources and to increase our respect and understanding of the interconnectedness of all creation. May the AOSK-JPC vision and goal guide our endeavours to address the current situation in Kenya.

Goal: To Contribute to A Just, Secure, Informed and Dignified Society living in Harmony and Promoting the Integrity of Creation

The vision of the AOSK-JPC is a just and peaceful society in which the dignity of the human person is reverenced, human rights upheld and where the interconnectedness of all creation enables people to live in harmony.

Guided and challenged by biblical values, the social teachings of the church and the desire to bring about the “kingdom” of God in our world, the mission of AOSK-JPC is to create awareness of the dignity of the human person, to uphold human rights and freedoms and to promote a safe and healthy environment where natural resources are respected, conserved and shared by all.


To challenge and change unjust practices, systems and structures, especially those related to women, the marginalization of the poor and the destruction of the environment, by upholding human rights and freedoms and by encouraging the personal and social responsibility of all.

Specific Objective 1: Enhance citizens’ participation in governance processes aimed at promoting human rights accountability and responsiveness of state and non-state actors

Specific Objective 2: To promote recognition of women’s dignity and rights and the development of their capacity to engage in decision-making processes and activities as equal partners with men.

Specific Objective 3: To promote the understanding and care of the environment and the need to respect, conserve and share our basic resource as a direct intervention against climate change and movement towards inter-tribal and inter-community peaceful living.

Specific Objective 4: Institutional sustainability and financial security.
The Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya has an estimated membership of 5,000 Catholic Sisters countrywide. These belongs, in varying numbers, to 137 different congregations, or groups, who carry out their ministries /activities of teaching, nursing, social work, justice and peace etc in 25 District Units (DUs) / Dioceses of Kenya. An eight-member executive committee, drawn from the 137 different congregational leaders, is responsible for all the AOSK joint activities, which include the activities of the AOSK Justice and Peace Commission.

The AOSK-JPC office located in Nairobi is mandated to serve the whole country through the District Units. The geographic area of operation is therefore nationwide as AOSK works through all the Catholic Sisters with a special focus on women groups, as well as teachers in AOSK linked schools that are located in the twenty-five Catholic Dioceses of Kenya. This project cuts across three different program headings to achieve the one goal of a more just and peaceful society. The context therefore for each program is given separately under each specific program objective.

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