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2019 International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2019

Theme: Think equal, build smart, innovate for change
 Date: Saturday, March  9, 2019,
Venue: Murang’a Diocese, Mary Immaculate Catholic Church, Kerugoya
As theme stood; “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change” for International Women’s Day 2019, took place on 9 March, the event was planned by AOSK- Justice and Peace Office, Gender Department in conjunction with the Women Peace Maker chairperson Banzi of the AOSK Unit of Murang’a. The event was attended by the Muranga WWAs and Associates among others from different AUs, Kerugoya CWAs, AU Vice Chair Sr, main speaker of the day, AOSK-JPC Staff and other invited guests.
This was an important occasion which commenced with prayers, opening remarks, as all proceeded to visit the Kerugoya County School for the Deaf,  there  in solidarity planted trees, donated items to the children.  At the end of the  visit and few speeches  all left the deaf school for the celebration of the Holy Mass at Kerugoya Parish in which it  reflected on the need to empower women and celebrate (March 8) which is a global day for the economic, social, cultural and political achievements of women, bringing together global governments, women’s organizations, businesses and charities together, International Women’s Day  perfectly falls in March which is also Women’s History Month.
It was indeed a strong call to motivate and unite women,  friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive.  International Women’s Day provides a forum to hold tough conversations about women’s rights, equality and justice. of sexual harassment and gender discussions which are not as easy conversation to hold.
This International Women’s Day 2019, celebrated on Saturday 9th March in Murang’a AU, more activities were organized including a talk, songs, entertainments to cover the theme of the day.  All was very colorful, however the challenge experienced was the low turn of the participants and lack of enthusiasm among the area WWAs as compared to previous similar occasions.
To echo the theme, IWD 2019 where it  focused toward industry leaders, social entrepreneurs, gender equality activists, and women innovators to examine the ways in which innovation can remove barriers and accelerate progress for gender equality, encourage investment in gender-responsive social systems, and build services and infrastructure that meet the needs of women and girls.
As well as to face challenge that calls for a shift in our thinking, so that humanity stops threatening its life-support system. All women are to assist the earth to heal her wounds and, in the process, heal our own – indeed to embrace the whole of creation.

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