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2019 Lenten Campaign Launch in Nyeri Metropolitan

2019 National Lenten Campaign Launch – NYERI Metro

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops  (KCCB) was pleased to invite the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya- Justice and Peace Commission (AOSK – JPC) through the Coordinator Sr Magdalene to the 2019 National launch of Lenten Campaign which took place in Nyeri Archdiocese at the grounds next to the Cathedral. The 2019 March 2, Lenten Campaign theme was “Uniting, Heating and Renewal of our Nation…, God’s Gift. This was in line with the Building Bridges Initiative to a New Kenyan Nation which is focusing on uniting the Country for peaceful co-existence and prosperity.

The launch was preceded over by planting of trees at the Nyeri Hill Farm at 8.30 a.m. as JPC staff participated and all, contribution towards taking care of the environment as launched by the Head of State on 12th May, 2018 and in line with the Encyclical letter of Pope Francis on the “Care for our Common Home”.

It was so wonderful that all members of the AOSK — JPC took part and participated very well in this event as it was desirable, in order for all  to embrace the spirit of togetherness and oneness.

In this year’s (2019) Lenten Campaign, we strongly need to address some of the issues affecting our cohesiveness as a people. In so doing, we will have a breakthrough in bringing about healing, unity and renewal of our Country.


His Grace, Anthony Muheria, Archbishop of Nyeri during
 the launch of the of the National Lenten Campaign 2019

Kenyans have been called to seek all that is good and shun evil in all its manifestations. At the same time, Kenyans have been urged to reflect and reach out to the less fortunate in society during this lent season.

His Graced Started the homily at our Lady Consolata Cathedral Grounds in Nyeri during the launch of the National 2019 Lenten Campaign, by saying that, evil has permeated the society and is being glorified while good deeds are frowned upon.

“Today, evil is celebrated and good condemned,” said Archbishop Muheria. “The evil doers are praised and the rightful are condemned. Today we witness the glorification of evil. We the Christians and citizens reward those who do evil and laugh at those who stand by the good, calling them foolish.”

Most Reverend Anthony Muheria led the congregation and asked all to reflect this moment of fasting, self denial and discomfort of our regular lives so as to listen to the inner voice that calls us to repent and believe in the word of God.

Lent is a time when we reclaim our Faith and as our lives are enriched, we are moved to reach out to enrich and empower the lives of others.

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The Lenten Campaign was officially launched by His Grace Anthony Muheria, Archbishop of Nyeri and Apostolic Administrator Catholic Diocese of Kitui.

Echoing this year’s Lenten theme, Archbishop Muheria urged all to respect the rule of law, stand firm in fighting corruption, work for National unity and safeguard families.

The theme for this year is “Uniting, healing and renewal of our nation…”
Week 1: Environmental conservation and protection
Week 2: Family Values
Week 3: Corruption
Week 4: Socio-Political Inclusion
Week 5: Respect for the Rule of Law

The Lenten season will commence on 6th March 2019 with Ash Wednesday

Deputy Governor Nyeri County Caroline Karugu : Today, I joined leaders from National and Nyeri County government at the Lenten campaign launch at the Catholic archdiocese of Nyeri Cathedral. This year’s theme is based on Uniting, Healing and renewal of our Nation. The guest of honour in this years Lenten campaign is the Deputy President of Kenya H.E. Dr. William S. Ruto. With me was our Governor of Nyeri H.E Mutahi Kahiga.

What Ruto, Mudavadi, Kalonzo said on corruption war

The DP said that the current war is thriving on falsehoods as Wiper and Amani leaders called for arrest and prosecution of all graft suspects

From left, Deputy President William Ruto, Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga, Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and his ANC counterpart Musalia Mudavadi, among other leaders, during the launch of the Lenten Campaign at Archidiocese of Nyeri Cathedral grounds on 2nd March 2019.

Deputy President William Ruto clashed with Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and his Amani National Congress counterpart Musalia Mudavadi over the fight against corruption.

While the DP felt that exposing graft in the government was meant to scuttle his 2022 presidential bid, the two leaders strongly supported current investigations into the loss of funds in various government projects.

Speaking during the launch of the Lenten campaign at Our Lady of Consolata in Nyeri town, Dr Ruto insisted that the fight against corruption has been politicised through exaggerated figures on projects with an aim of profiling specific leaders for political gain in the next elections and interfering with the implementation of the Big Four Agenda.

“But as a government, we will not allow people to taint projects for political reasons. The fight against graft must be on the basis of accurate information and solid evidence,” he insisted.

Dr Ruto said that the war against graft had become a tool for politicising government projects to scare away development partners.

This, he said, will result in stalled projects and consequently paint a picture of a dishonest government that had failed to fulfil its promise.

“There are people plotting on how they will give false information for newspaper headlines and use it for political campaigns down the road. Instead of taking matters to courts, they are taking those discussions to the newsroom,” he claimed.

The DP said that the dam projects across the country will continue as the government had put in place measures to ensure that public money is not lost. His talk followed claims that government paid for work not done in Arror and Kimwarer dam projects in Elgeyo-marakwet County.

But Mr Musyoka insisted that corruption suspects must be shamed as Kenyans were tired of the government treating lost funds as “pocket change.”

“If we win this war against corruption, this country will not be the same again. If someone is a thief, we have no other name for it,” he said.

The former vice-president warned leaders against waging war against Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti and the media, which he said was doing a good job in informing the public.

“Without the media, Kenyans would not know what they know now. When the newspapers point out who is stealing public money, we should not stop there,” he said.

Mr Mudavadi also insisted that those mentioned in corrupt dealings must be arrested and prosecuted to end impunity.

“The Archbishop talked about moving beyond handshakes to heart shakes but he forgot that in the middle, we have handcuffs. We must work together to fight corruption,” said Mr Mudavadi.

The Catholic Church ceremonially, launched the Lenten period that will focus on fighting corruption, impunity and promoting environmental conservation.

During the 40-day period of prayer and fasting, the faithful will pray for the country’s unity and cohesion.

His Grace Anthony Muheria also put Kenyans on the spot for contributing to the corruption problem through taking and giving of bribes and failing to take a proactive approach as a citizen and only focusing on the government.

Archbishop Muheria noted that the corruption dragon can only be slayed if Kenyans speak out against evil and impunity among influential people while committing to obey the constitution.

“Today, we celebrate evildoers and condemn those who do good. Citizens have glorified evil and the danger we have is that we no longer know what is good,” he said.

He added: “Our leaders have been enslaved by greed of wealth and money. If everyone of us were to stop taking bribes, we would stop feeding the monster.”

The Archbishop also took issue with increased gambling among citizens, noting that it was propagating a ‘get-rich-quickly’ mentality.

“Nearly all billboards in our towns are advertising betting firms. How I wish that proceeds from gambling would be taxed double or 10 times because it appears attractive and is breaking families,” he said.

Summary for the  theme for this year is “Uniting, healing and renewal of our nation;

The first week will be dedicated towards environmental conservation and call for its protection, while, in the second week, the Church will pray for the family, unity and values. in the third week, Corruption, a vice in Kenya is growing at unimaginable levels, in the fourth week,  Socio-Political Inclusion; all pray towards ensuring inclusive benefits of growth and development, sociopolitical tolerance, social accountability and creation of awareness to the public on issues of governance, service delivery and respect to the rule of law and in the fifth week,  Respect for the Rule of Law; meaning thatLaw is a social instrument to foster fundamental values in society and culture that will be our prayer.

Compiled By:Sr. Seline Makario AOSK-JPC Sisters’ Initiatives 6th March 2019

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