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Meru AU workshop

15th December 2018 – Workshop for HR Teachers, Women Peace Makers and Sisters in Meru AU:

To facilitate previously trained TOTs one day forum on active nonviolence & peace building mechanisms: at Mbaranga St. Catherine of Sienna Church.

The AOSK-JPC office had organized the one day forum for the community on active nonviolence and peace building mechanisms for women peace makers, sisters and youth in Meru AOSK Unit a most conflict prone region.   The training covered the following topics namely, Reconciliation, Early Marriages, Boy-girl relationship, Role of Youth, and Children Rights.

The participants reported in large numbers than expected, the targeted group were of ages 20 to 60 years old. These included the members of the community, religious, youth (high school, college), parents, teachers, women and all had various level of skills.

This was in order to fulfil the objective that is to strengthen the capacity of the Human Right Teachers, Sisters and Women that will bring together communities in this area prone to conflict with the aim of working on mechanisms on their response to all kinds of violence.

Finally, to strengthen capacity of Sisters, Women Peace Makers and Associates and opinion leaders to champion in the areas of conflict.

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