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Strengthening the Capacity of Religious women in Early Childhood Development, SCORE ECD project

Catholic Sisters are Champions in holistic Early childhood development. They have the vision, ministry, infrastructure, and committed personnel needed for work with children and families.

Goal: Catholic Sisters in Kenya, Malawi, and Zambia expand provision of quality ECD services
Strategic objectives:

Catholic Sisters have long been recognized for their deep commitment to relieving suffering and promoting human development, and for the quality of the services they provide with love and compassion. But many Sisters and their congregations have not had the opportunity to fully develop the technical and organizational capacities they need to play a greater role in promoting ECD.

The Project seeks to tap the potential Catholic Sisters to make an even greater impact in young children’s lives, via high-quality ECD; support caregivers in encouraging young children’s development. Catholic Sisters are trusted and accessible service providers.

Catholic Sisters in Africa, with their enduring commitment to prophetic service, are a source of tremendous potential: congregations whose members have dedicated their lives to their work have a special interest in ensuring that they and future generations of Sisters can live out the Gospel call to love thy neighbor.

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Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, in partnership Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the Association of Sisterhoods of Kenya

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